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This was a quantitative research conducted at Purwokerto. The aims of this research were to analyze the factors that
influence consumer to buy Magnum ice cream. By using accidental sampling, this research used 100 respondents to be
the sample. This study used multiple regression analysis. Magnum is a brand name of premium ice cream of Walls
under Unilever, published in 1987 at England. Magnum enters to Indonesia market since 1992 but magnum just popular
in the end of 2010 with the turning to an unexpected phenomenon, which is the sales in the first 3 months increasing
more than 10 times compared to sales in 2009 and soaring to more than 20 times in the fourth month. A thorough
review of literature revealed three factors which influence customer purchase intention Magnum: brand image, product
involvement and advertising media. Implications from above conclusion in attempted to continue innovate variance of
taste and packaging performance. Expand exclusive distribution channel such open booth at shopping mall like Baskin-
Robbins and increase total cafe magnum in big city Indonesia. Furthermore product involvement considers purchase
intention. Pay attention on high quality of materials. Advertising media had significant effects on consumer purchase
behavior, therefore increase a frequency of TV Ad could be implemented, and as well message of advertising should
easy to understand to make people attract to buy. Use brand ambassador with icon of perfect woman, it would increase
image of Magnum ice cream. Then enter implicit message on TV Ad such eat Magnum ice cream is needed to be enjoy,
pleasure, and beauty.

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