Budi Santoso, Fatimah Malini Lubis, Zahara Tussoleha Rony


The purpose of this study is to provide a literature reference to maintaining a trustworthy leader in the organization. The trustworthy leader is one of some types of leaders that are difficult to find along with a variety of motives for someone to achieve his career as a leader. This is believed to be the impact of various things, one of which is the motive of a leader in achieving a position will make the attitude prioritize personal interests rather than the organization. As a consequence of the scarcity of trustworthy leaders, this is an interesting problem to be raised through this study. This study uses the literature review method by conducting a review of books and journals in Indonesia and abroad. To ensure this study is up to date, literature studies have been carried out on books and journals of the last 10 years that are related, trustworthy leader. The results showed, to maintain trustworthy leaders in an organization, factors that need to be considered are competence, integrity, virtue, and certainty.

Keywords: leadership, trustworthy leader, organization. 

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