Budi Arifitama


Indonesia is a country that have a rich and diverse culture among other countries in ASEAN . Cultural diversity requires a way to be maintained and preserved, as a way to transfer knowledge to the next generation as part of the identification of a nation . One of the important cultural elements that are discussed in this study as a way of preservation, is traditional musical instrument “Angklung” instruments. Angklung is a musical instrument made from bamboo that are played by vibrating or shaking. The output sound is an effect of collision between bamboo tubes to other bamboo instruments. These instruments are classified into types idiofon or musical instrument sound source derived from the bamboo material.  Angklung is generally known from the area of West Java and since November 2010, UNESCO designated that angklung is one of the world's cultural heritage. Augmented Reality technology used in this study as an attempt to anglung preservation of traditional musical instruments, which is designed in the form of 3d models mixed with augmented reality technology, to provide  visual overview and innovation to the product. This study aims to assist in the preservation of traditional musical instrument angklung and gives insight to the public about the musical instrument by using augmented reality technology.

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