M. Sasmito Djati


Ethical Clearance (EC) or the eligibility of ethics is a written statement submitted by the Research Ethics Committee for research involving living beings who stated that a research proposal is feasible after fulfilling certain requirements, under Islamic jurisprudence EC has not well established yet, even though life science has rapidly growth base on experiments evident. Since life sciences has rapidly growing in secular domain, they facing some fundamental question of meaning, till now scientist has no answered yet. Islam has distinguish features of the truth, on the others hand Muslim life Scientist should be answered it. How Islamic massage of appreciate to all over the living organism and every living have a right to exist. Appreciating to the existence of living thing is beyond secular scientific understanding. Under secular scientific construction, ethics is not part of the truth, it is spiritual or moral value. But under such construction of epistemology, life Sciences loss of meaning and understanding for human dignity. Islamic massage should be answer it with reconstructing the scientific epistemology under Qur’an and sunnah guidance, Is such value should be losing a part of the truth? Everlasting universal guide and perfect from the Dienul Islam (religion of Allah), based on spiritual freedom, and tawheed is ontological truth, that’s mean tawheed is the starting point to understanding the construction of truth and the bodies of knowledge, based on Tawhid, The Scientist should be leaving anthropocentrism understanding changing to be under guidance of Tawheed. Base on this logical frame work of thinking arrangement of Islamic Experimental Ethical Clearance: 1) Tawheed as spiritual freedom,(2) Niyah for Worship to Allah, (3) Utilitarian approach (4) Right base as inherent value.

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