Fawziyah Binte Ali


Due to its strong belief that it can render assistance to 21st Century Malay Language secondary students in the writing of essay narratives, Puisi Intan is being explored again. More specifically, it is believed that the successful incorporation of critical thinking and inventive thinking is crucial in the teaching and learning of the process writing of essay narratives as well as other subjects. By listing down words and phrases, Puisi Intan is created as a scaffolding in essay narrative writing. Constructivism is a theory being applied in this article as knowledge is actively constructed during the scaffolding process writing by the learner and facilitated by the teacher. In this exploratory research which is carried out in Brunei and Singapore, the respondents comprise of secondary 2 / Year 8 Malay Language students. Data is gathered qualitatively from the survey administered after conducting a few lessons on the essay narrative writing using Puisi Intan. Results of the data analysis show that most of the students approve of the use of Puisi Intan as an instructional scaffolding technique in the writing of narrative essay. Respondents applied the critical and inventive thinking skills in generating ideas for their essay writing too. To develop students in thinking critically and become good inventors, educators are urged to review their teaching plans and incorporate techniques to suit these 21st century students.

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