Nini Ibrahim


Social media in the modern important role for the life of the community, especially students. Social media becoming an efficient means to help someone looking for information and communication, especially in the teaching and learning activities. Social media sticking to the students to the attention of researchers to conduct research related to this issue. In particular, this study aims to look at the influence of social media in learning activities. To achieve these objectives, the counterposed the question of how the influence of social media in learning activities. This study uses a quantitative approach to the form of survey research. The data obtained through questionnaires, documentary studies, and literature study as supporting data. Researchers revealed that there was a significant effect of the use of social media in learning activities. In concrete, forms of social media are commonly used in teaching and learning activities are blogs and yahoo mail.Blog is short for web log which means it is a form of application / web service created to allow a user to publish information it holds through the writings contained in a posting. While Yahoo mail is a provider of electronic mail (webmail) from Yahoo !. It is the largest provider of electronic mail on the Internet, with millions of users. To take advantage of blogs in teaching and learning activities ie by filling out a menu on the blog with lesson materials to format text, images, audio or video, resulting in a good interaction between teachers and students. The conclusion of the study, teaching and learning activities teachers can position themselves to get closer to the students without borders and distance, besides the students more active and independent in learning activities. This shows that social media is very influential in teaching and learning activities

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