Achmad Djauhari


Symptoms of decadence (ahlaq) our nation today is really very worrying and even has reached the stage horrible. Every time kitaa offered / shown various deviant behavior of the nation as a sign of the moral damage. The values of honesty (trust), truth, justice, ahlaq and politeness that is the hallmark of our nation are destroyed. In search reported by Indonesia Corruption Watsh (ICW) as released in Kompas on May 18, 2016 ago, that within the last 10 years of corruption in the education sector (which successfully dismantled by law enforcement) reached a value of Rp1, 3 Trillion consisted of 423 cases involving 618 perpetrators. Funds are most vulnerable to corruption is the special allocation fund, BOS, School Infrastructure Fund, Infrastructure and Textbooks. According to Executive Director of the Institute for Education Reform Univ. Paramadina (M. Abduhzen), it happened because of weak oversight function and strangely corrupt behavior is actually involved supervisors. Meanwhile, according to HaniaRahma (Community Women Bogor Anticorruption), corruption in school because of a lack of transparency in the use of the budget. On the pretext for the sake of quality improvement / quality of pupils / students, then drafted a variety of program activities to sustain the budget in such a way and the edges should be covered by the donation-voluntary society (especially from parents), involving the School Committee concerned so that program. program has also been the School Committee. The findings of ICW TSB. been taken by the Ministry of Education and Culture (AnisBaswedan) which states that the findings of the ICW and not just occur in the central region or Kemendikbud). Minister (he) has to take decisive steps through e-purchasing approach to the purchase of items of goods that utilize DAK and BOS. This way there is no longer expected to persons who can steal money DAK and BOS. The next approach to the use of cashless transactions as well as in the form of a review of all technical directives use of DAK. In addition to the persistence of the behavior of the corrupt environment of education they will be, we are also treated to a variety of real-time information with the unfolding of events that should not be happening in the environment and especially the world of education carried out by rogue elements of education stakeholders (that should glorify the world of education). Still too often we hear reports of indecent behaviors and even criminal overwrite and / or actually done by or with the involvement of children of school age (pickpocketing, robbery, rape and murder were among the perpetrators are school-age children). If such problems are not immediately taken steps towards the strategic and simultaneous / form of improved ahlaq / moral and the form of education for future generations, the future generations of our nation will increasingly bleak and uncertain direction. The strategic measures that must be taken out and used as a determination by all stakeholders in education is to promote education Ahlaq (Character) for the Young Nation Religious Education based in such a way that is easy to implement in everyday life. Education is conducted through formal education and non educationformal.

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