M. Nur Soleman


Islamic education constitute necessity for developing personal every Muslim to reach kaffah human, the perfactman and hanif human. But Islamic education not capable yet answer the challenge of period together with development of knowledge and technology. Therefore not surprised if now expectation of Muslim society to ward Islamic education is still low than general education. For that this written try to inspect, analyzing and criticize the thinking of Islamic humanity related with orientation of developing Islamic education, in perspective to competition with general education to face development of science and technology as facility to increasing prosperity of life. This written make used qualitative approach with kind of study is literature to theories about concept Islamic education look at from aspect function and it part to answer global chakkenge with speedy development of science and technology. The other side of this written inspect to the aspect theory of humen being in perspective Al-Quran until can become standard for Islamic education to give comprehension wider how AlQuran make humen as aim from all life process to take existence and universal substantial created of human being toward that is Allah SWT. Free think created by Islamic education process will capable express thinker of Islam that can exist to face global challenge with advance of science and technology nowadays. For that Islam humanity can express self become al-insan al kamil dan al-insan hanif, that is create human Muslim that obedient to Allah and their prophct, become model for all human become caliph as endeavou natural to prosperity of life, become competent and competitive in developing life in the middle of tight development of science and technology, critical think and smart with capability self as human free in an individual and social.

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