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Faculty staff is one of important parts to support the success of student achievement; the stimulus is displayed from an academic staff during lectures will form a perception. The perceptions, both positive and negative.Lecturers who mastered the material, capable of utilizing the media, techniques on how to teach the kinds of teaching, procurement of the appropriate class, how to communicate, appearance and how to interact with students, will greatly affect the achievement of students. This research was conducted at the Teacher Education Program Elementary School Faculty of Education, UMJ. As a subject of this study is student Teacher Education Program Elementary Odd Semester academic year 2015/2016. When the study was conducted in January-April, 2016. From the data of arithmetic using SPSS can be concluded as follows: students' perceptions about the lecturer of the course A and B with the lecturer A and B Program PGSD Faculty of Education, UMJ, did not have a significant effect, because, as the above calculation, coefficient determination (Coefficient of determination), which means that the contribution of variable X to variable Y changes only 13.22%. the influence of students to lecturers votes amounted to only 13.22%. This means there are many other factors that affect the achievement of students. The effect is of course of the motivation to learn and so forth. The active role of lecturers still needs to be improved because in a lecture will bring vision and mission for doubt values Kemuhammadiyahan Al Islam, a stimulus -stimulus to be captured by students thus forming a certain perception for student self.

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