Prima Gusti Yanti


Novel of chick literature growing in Indonesia in the early 2000s was from England. The novel of chicklit growing in Indonesia deals with Indonesian author's style. Thus, the aim of this study is to describe the typical Indonesianchiklit novel. This study uses content analysis related with the latent content analysis. The literary approach being used is structural as the intrinsic element of literary works such as female characters, background, style language including the language used and the title of the novel. The results of this study imply that woman figures in chicklit novel are young figures that have high education and high career. These women have commitment to professionalism because they are smart and have high competitiveness. The background place of chicklit novel contains many places abroad, and metropolitan cities. The language in the novel uses much foreign languages as well as many specialist terms found. Moreover, the titles of the novel are also dominated by foreign-language titles.

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