A. Erawan Sumandar


SKB three Ministers (Minister of Religious Affairs, the Minister of P & K and Minister of the Interior) No. 6 1975 which outlines that Madrasah which of course contained in the boarding school at all levels are generally the same position with the public schools, and to the Madrasah curriculum should be 70% general subjects and 30% of religious instruction. SKB 3 minister is one of the sticks of the most important in the integration of madrasas into the mainstream of national education, and at the same time improving the quality of human resources who studied at Madrasah and educational institutions other Islamic, policy 3 minister was actually the first step for the reintegration of religious sciences and general sciences in madrassas, which in turn also review the other Islamic educational institutions, even though the policy three ministers is increasingly being challenged by the Islamic education managers, Pesantren and Madrasah in particular but modernization and globalization is irreversible. Law No. 20 Year 2003 on National Education Article 30 paragraph 1 of Religious Education, religious education is organized by the government or the community of believers. Muhammadiyah Congress in 2015 in Makassar, one decision that all charitable efforts, educational institutions and social institutions have a concept progressive.

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