Designing Special Tool Remove and Install Hoist Cylinder On Unit Dump Truck HD 1500-7

Rasma Rasma, Hendro Purwono


Hoist Cylinder is an important component of the Dump Truck HD 1500-7 unit that serves as a support for the vessel during loading and unloading. Leakage due to the loss of dust seal that is unable to block the dirt and lubricating oil, is one of the reasons for the replacement of the hoist cylinder. The solution of the leak is to replace the hoist cylinder, but the difficulty of removing and install hoist cylinder process causes the lead time to become longer and the percentage of non-operating units (down time) increases. This is because of the drop of the rod hoist cylinder and the narrowing of the work of removing and installing. To lift and prevent the release of mechanical rod cylinders, it is necessary to tie the cylinder rod by using the belt. But the method is dangerous and ineffective because of repositioning belt due to difficult position. Therefore, tool is made to lift the rod cylinder so as not to extend, so it can speed up the process of removing and installing and reducing the percentage of non-operating units (down time), as well as providing benefits in terms of save cost of man power and lead time, and in terms of save cost loss production.


Hoist Cylinder; Load Time; Rod Cylinder; Special Tool;Down Time

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