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Jurnal Bincang Komunikasi

is dedicated to publishing and disseminating the results of theoretical and applied research and discussion in communication science.published twice a year (April and December ). In each edition, it received an original article that will be reviewed by internal and external editors. The focus and scope of Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi are communication Science, including 1. Political Communication, features cutting-edge theory-driven empirical research at the intersection of politics and communication. This could be an analytical viewpoints that advance understanding of the practices, processes, content, effects, and policy implications of political communication. 2. Business Communication, address all areas of business communication including but not limited to business composition and information systems only, but also international business communication, management communication, organizational and corporate communication. 3. Marketing Communication, concerning all aspects of marketing and corporate communication, branding both corporate and product-related, and promotion management include integrated marketing communication, advertising, public relations and broadcasting. 4. Development Communication, address the using of communication to facilitate social development, promotes information exchanges to create positive social change via sustainable development. 5. And other themes : Social Communication, Cultural Communication, Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Communication Publishers receive manuscripts that have never been published by other media. Each incoming article selected by the Editorial Board is then reviewed by two reviewers with a double-blind Peer Review.

ISSN: 2986-3678

Articles that have been completed in the review are returned to the author for revision. The decision to publish, correct, or reject it based on recommendations from reviewers.


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