Agung Prihatmojo, Ika Mulia Agustin, Dewi Ernawati, Diana Indriyani


In the 21st century, humans experience the development of science and technology in all fields. One of the most prominent is technology in the field of information and communication. Technology makes the world faster because all information from around the world can be accessed instantly and quickly by anyone and anywhere. On the other hand in the 21st century, the problems faced by humans are increasingly complex, such as the global economic crisis, terrorism, racism, drug abuse, human trafficking, low multicultural awareness, disparities in the quality of education, and so forth. all of this suggests that in the 21st century good preparation is needed to form superior human resources. Education has a role to shape character in efforts to increase human resources in the 21st century. Character education is a solution to the situation of attitudes, social behavior of children, adolescents, young people. Deterioration or change in attitudes and cultural values of the nation must be immediately addressed through character education so that the younger generation retains a mental attitude and a fighting spirit that upholds ethics, morals, and implements religious teachings. Education based on national character and culture developed in schools must be harmonized with local, regional and national characters and culture. For this reason, character education and national culture need to be developed based on local wisdom.

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