Planning of Raw Material Requirements for Cough Medicine Using Mrp Method at PT XYZ

Nurul Ramadhani, Meri Prasetyawati, Leola Dewiyani


Cough medicine products are new products released by PT XYZ at the end of 2017 and unexpectedly received a positive response from consumers. The advantages of this cough medicine are that it has no side effects of drowsiness and contains herbal ingredients, namely anise oil which has the ability to treat digestive disorders after taking cough medicine. However, due to soaring market demand, the company has not been able to adjust to the company's conditions, such as the stock of raw material supplies for producing cough medicine is often unstable. In the material requirement, the material is calculated using the economic order quantity method, the period order quantity and the company method. The results that will be used in planning and scheduling inventory requirements for the production of cough medicine products in the calculation of MRP with lot sizing techniques and the company's method are concluded that the best method is Period Order Quantity with a total cost of Rp. 61,193,700. This method was chosen because it minimizes the cost of material control compared to other lot sizing methods.

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