Emy Kholifah R


Good governance is always concerned with directing, controlling, and influencing public affairs. The government performs that function, to regulate society and business actors by using public policy. In terms of public goods arrangements, the government is required to have consistency of bureaucrats, from top bureaucrats to street level bureaucrats. This consistency is essential to good policy implementation. This study finds relevance between the role of bureaucrats in the field and the implementation of public policy. In the case of black public goods (prostitution) arrangements, the role of bureaucrats in the street level should be the policy of prohibiting prostitution, but these bureaucrats actually do the reduction and modification of policies with their own wisdom. Ultimately, prostitution is still consumed by the public in disguise. Reduction and modification of prohibited prohibition policies, which can be called 'real policies' to organized and manage these public black goods stakeholders. This study recommends one thing. The achievement of good governance in the regulation of public goods, should heed the policy-making process that adopts the votes of bureaucrats in the field, because basically, they are the real decision-makers. Policy-making based solely on 'desk-over' analysis, will be forced to face modifications and policy reductions, which have been decided. It is a failure of policy implementation.
Keywords: Good Governance, Prostitution, Bureaucrats 'Street Level'

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Proceedings of The International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS)
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