Siti Maryam, Angela Efianda, Vinta Sevilla


Media and humans can be likened to two sides of the coin that cannot be separated. If were viewed from the side of the benefits, media and technology help a lot of work, and a high activity and mobility in society. This research discusses about New Media Literacy in Higher Education by student, where population in this research is student which reside in university located in South Jakarta. The purpose of this study is to determine the knowledge, skills and expertise of students related to the information seeking behavior of New Media. While the method used in this research is by quantitative descriptive approach, using purposive sampling technique as the selection of certain people in accordance with the criteria specified by the author. Then for data collection is done through questionnaires, observations, interviews and literature study. Based on the results of research known that the students have started accustomed in using electronic and online based media in the study, but the knowledge to search effectively and efficiently is still low. On the other hand, the ability to access and utilize has not been implemented optimally due to the absence of special learning related to New Media Literacy in Higher Education. In the end, students have not reached the literacy level in the use and utilization of New Media.
Keywords: Information, Literacy, New Media Literacy, Students.

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Proceedings of The International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS)
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta, Indonesia.

ISBN :978-602-6309-44-2

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