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The city has an important role for the community especially in meeting human needs, including in terms of housing, employment, social interaction and recreation. To create a quality life balance for the lives of urban and rural communities, it is necessary to maintain the functions of the environment and social functions in a quality manner. So that required a comprehensive planning of urban spatial. Urban studies place space as an important point in any decision-making. As Davis Harvey has pointed out in his 1988 "Space of Hope" book, and "Rebel City" in 2012. Urban problems are emerging in various cities in Indonesia. This is in line with the growing city and make the periphery as a region that moves toward the development of the city. As experienced in the East Coast area of Surabaya (Pamurbaya). This study uses urban space theory proposed by Bryan T. Downes to explain some of the problems related to urban areas, especially with regard to physical problems; related to conditions of environmental quality (air, pollution). To obtain information in accordance with the problems that have been formulated in the research and research objectives, this research is directed to a descriptive form using a qualitative approach. Research takes the object of Surabaya as one of the developing cities and has been awarded in urban spatial planning. By searching data through in-depth interview technique with research subject determined purposively, Observation, documentation. The data obtained were analyzed qualitatively with explanative descriptive model. Result of the research discribtion the polemic of the Regional Spatial Plan Regulation (RTRW) no. 3 of 2007 which is seen government inconsistent interpretation of the regulation about concept of toll road in the middle of town, protected area (mangrove forest), green open space and others. This condition places the face of Surabaya city more in favor of the capitalist.   
Keywords: Urban Space, Pamurbaya, Environment

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Proceedings of The International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS)
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