Iqbal Firmansyah, Retnowati WD Tuti


Establishment of Jakarta Capital City Integrated Service and Services One Stop Office based on Ministerial Decree No. 63 / KEP / M.PAN / 7/2003 and Regional Regulation No. 12 of 2014 on regional apparatus organization. The year 2016 AJIB launched by the Department of Investment and Integrated Service One door DKI Jakarta. Licensing and non-licensing file transfer services aim to facilitate and provide solutions for Jakarta residents. This study aims to determine the form of innovation service shuttle picking permit (AJIB) and know what factors are supporting and inhibiting service AJIB. The purposive sampling technique is used to determine the informant. The method used to obtain the research data is the method of observation, interview and documentation. Data analysis used triangulation by Miles and Hubberman. While the indicators used to determine the form of service innovation AJIB using 4 indicators presented by Delafrozz. The result of innovation research of shuttle service is a new and unprecedented service in DKI Jakarta. Systems used by AJIB use online and offline technology. Offline technology to order AJIB services via a telephone line connection to AJIB call center 1500164, while online AJIB service orders use the mobile app and whatsapp. Interaction with the applicant is also well maintained through AJIB 3S service SOP (Smiles, Sapa and Salam). The development of new services is Mobile Service Unit (MSU) and AJIB priority. AJIB service delivery system gets good performance by the community as applicant, but AJIB get constraint from external factor that is weather and congestion. The conclusions of the results of this study at AJIB use two technologies, first online and offline technology. Suggestion for AJIB to socialize its services alan geme good socialization door to door or through events diarea public so that people can know the innovation service AJIB.
Keywords: Innovation, Public Service.

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