Afriyanti Diana, Eduard Lukman


The use of Indonesia language and the presence of the foreign language make intercultural communication easier but also resulted in a devastating practice of the use of local languages. Mass media and social media have an important role in the representation of cultural identity within the community. In this case the media act as agents of socialization through which messages it conveys. Delivering messages in the local languages, media building construction that the regional languages are still alive and thriving in a multicultural society. In the era of digital media, where the use of social media is very high, there are social media accounts that are anti mainstream instead of using local languages as an introduction. One of them is @d_kadoor who post instagram account videos comedy with East Java language. This paper uses qualitative methods, explains how social media account @d_kadoor be a representation of the local languages in social media also showcased a cultural identity that is owned by the people of Indonesia, as can be seen from the topics taken by Kadoor in his videos. Social media account @d_kadoor has become the media in intercultural communication where we can learn about other cultures. In intercultural communication is important to accept cultural differences, avoid the stereotype, being sensitive to the prevailing rules and context in other cultures, and to avoid negative evaluation to the difference.
Keywords: communication, intercultural communication, language, social media

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Proceedings of The International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS)
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