Amin Shabana


Religious tolerance being disturbed at today‟s life. The banality of violence intensely seen in our society. Various intolerant events can be witnessed from media portrayals, including films. With its specificity, film has a great power in raising communal problems as depicted through its elements. Some movies discussing tolerance life among religious believers has been produced both by professional and independent filmmakers.  It becomes an interesting subject to reveal the messages behind those films. Using the paradigm of critical theory, this study analyzes two film produced after the year of 2000, namely (?) and Indonesia is not an Islamic State. Relational dialectics shown in the films. The questions emerge are how the two films raised problems and offered solutions to the audience. Qualitative approach of this research using content analysis techniques through scenes, dialogue and atmosphere of the whole films. As results, there is a strong representation of reality, social practice and moral concerns of religious life among the characters to fight for tolerance life among believers in the film discussed.
Keywords: Religious Tolerance, Indonesian Cinema and Relational Dialectic

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Proceedings of The International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS)
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta, Indonesia.

ISBN :978-602-6309-44-2

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