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In Indonesia, poverty is a national issue that must be taken seriously and reduced. The same thing is  found in Sukabumi that shows a poverty rate of 8,05% . Therefore, poverty needs special attention in order to its citizens as a whole achieve a better and more humane welfare. Educating and prospering the community is pursued through a strong commitment through simultaneous and sustainable poverty alleviation programs. This research describes the picture of poverty and poverty reduction program by using descriptive qualitative research design. The informants used were civil apparatus representing Regional Device Organizations such as Development Planning Agency at Sub-National Level  (Bappeda), Social Agency, Medium  Small Business Cooperation (KUKM) and Community Empowerment Board of two persons each. In addition, community leaders who run the National Community Empowerment Program (PNPM) from Baros District, Waru Doyong and Gunung Puyuh which are represented by seven people each. Data collection techniques were conducted by interview, focus group discussion, and observation, while data validation was done by using triangulation from various sources  both primary and secondary. The results of this study provide a picture of poor people in the city of Sukabumi as much as 8.05% or 311,822 people and the trend decreased poverty every year spread in seven districts. The poverty depth index is 1.17 while the severity of 0.25. This index is still below the national and provincial index of West Java, while the poverty reduction program in Sukabumi City is conducted by the Coordinating Team for Poverty Reduction. The poverty reduction policy is included in the Regional Action Plan as an elaboration of the Sukabumi City Mid Term Development and poverty reduction strategy.
Keywords: Poverty, Poverty Alleviation, Social Justice

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Proceedings of The International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS)
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta, Indonesia.

ISBN :978-602-6309-44-2

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