Aditya Rahmat Gunawan, Fajar Nugraha


One of child protection effort besides protection from violence, neglect, and abuse is how to ensure  every rights of the child is fulfilled well. But in fact, the poverty that also attached to the children is an obstacle to the fulfillment of children's rights in accordance with what is listed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. To cope with these situation, optimizing zakat is certainly one of the alternatives that can be used. Through the optimization of zakat, the child can fulfill his rights in accordance with the contents of the Convention such as the right to survival, the right to grow and develop, the right to protection, and the right to participate. The research method used in this article is qualitative method with descriptive qualitative research type. Methods of data collection used is by interview, observation, and documentation study. Based on the result of this research indicate, until June 2017 through zakat optimization which has been done by Rumah Zakat has provided free education access to 2,006 children, and 6,578 scholarships for children education throughout Indonesia. In addition, through the optimization of zakat that have been done has successfully provided assistance to 15,303 child beneficiaries, through the health programs provided. The conclusion of this research is that the fulfillment of children's rights that have been done through the optimization of zakat covers the fulfillment of the right of child survival, children's right to grow and develop, and the right to get protection.
Keywords: Child, Right of The Child, Rights Fulfillment, Zakat

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