Nieke Monika Kulsum


Indonesia is one  of highest level of internet users in the world, that makes people in Indonesia were the most social media users. As a results of a survey conducted by APJII in 2016, approximately 132.7 million Indonesians are internet users, out of a total of 256.2 million Indonesians. However, the number of women who use the internet and social media more than men. That encourages sustainability development, especially in the political field. Social media cause Indonesian women‟s become more understanding and interested in the condition of political situational in Indonesia. Moreover, the Government also supported this new fenomena and it can be seen from the number of women who became head of the region in this country. Hence, this encourage women national leaders and activists who joined in the Indonesian Women's Movement to declare the National Awakening Movement volume II in last May. Driven by the women activists, when they saw the phenomenon of the spread of radicalism that contradicts the ideology of Indonesia (Pancasila) pass through social media. Therefore, they need to rise it up and reposition the pillars of nationality in a context adapted to the this era. This research is qualitative research, where researchers will conduct interviews, literature study and documentation.   

Keywords: Internet, Social Media, Sustainability Development Women Empowerment

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Proceedings of The International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS)
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta, Indonesia.

ISBN :978-602-6309-44-2

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