Susilahati Susilahati, Helfi Gustia, Muhammad Sahrul


The number of Early Childhood Educatio in South Tangerang is increasing, but it has not followed the improvement of learning quality. Implementation of learning in early childhood is done through playing in the center / area / corner as the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 137 of 2014 on the National Standard of Early Childhood Education.The results of previous research in Istiqlal Kindergarten/Play Group Jakarta found that giving scaffolding in play activities can improve the quality of learning. Scaffolding is done so that educators can provide a foundation of support, assistance, guidance, and direction, and explain their expectations of children. This is done to answer the problem of children who often do not know how to use materials and play tools, rules in play, lose the idea to continue the game. Responding to the current government commitment to encourage the implementation of quality Early Childhood Education, it is necessary to conduct research on the Application of Scaffolding in the early childhood in South Tangerang. The purpose of research to produce innovation technology of early childhood education. Innovation found, expected to be useful for the implementation of early childhood in learning through play. Specific targets of the research are found in the model and compiled scaffolding-based play modules that can be implemented throughout Early Childhood Education South Tangerang and become the basis of the core activities policy in early childhood learning. The research method used a quantitative and qualitative approach. The type of data needed is quantitative and qualitative data according to mix-method approach. Source of data taken from early childhood that has been accredited A. Quantitative data analysis is done by making tabulation and graph. Tabulation results and graphs will be narrated descriptively. Analysis of qualitative data by conducting content analysis using matrix interview result. The results showed scaffolding can develop language, emotional, cognitive, independence, and can recognize the social environment of children.
Keywords: Play, Early Childhood Education, Scaffolding

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