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Central Of Java Province is the 2nd corn producer in Indonesia, but the empirical still exist problems in the farming of corn, among others, the level of productivity of corn an average of 4.99 tonnes / ha, under potential productivity between 7-8 tonnes / ha for type land in  Province. It identifies the low productivity of corn peasents competence in the management of farming has not been optimal. Besides moisture corn by KA 35% - 40%, indicating that the competence of peasents in post-harvest handling is still less so that peasents can not meet the standards prescribed by the feed mill the water content of a maximum of 14%. Corn peasents in Central Of Javaare currently at 80 percent have yet to implement appropriate post-harvest technologies applicable standards (Soefian, 2014). Corn cultivation requires human resources (HR) peasents who have entrepreneurial competencies that peasents in addition to master the knowledge and insight into the techniques of cultivation and also had managerial competence as a reliable farmer.  Peasents who have a positive competence make it as a farmer creative and innovative as an entrepreneur in the field of agriculture. This study used a qualitative research with the number of sources by 25 votes corn peasents. The study was conducted in June-August Month Year 2017. The results found that corn growers in South Central Of Javaregency have a moderate level of competence, meaning the technical ability in corn cultivation has average productivity 6-7 ton / ha, is already doing diversification farming corn, corn farming has been able to manage an area of 4-8 hectares, and is able to seize opportunities corn farming in accordance with market demand. The results showed also that the corn growers in Grobogan regency have 4 types namely the type of technical entrepreneurial competencies, futuristic type, types of managerial and universal type. Factors that influence the entrepreneurial competence corn growers that formal education, motivation, peasents' participation in social institutions in society, access to information and learning processes in education.
Keywords: Peasents, entrepreneurship, competencies, corn

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