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Community life today can not be separated from various activities related to technological advances, because the development of information technology provides enormous benefits to the community, such as speeding up a work process or facilitate the problem. Relation to a management in a business or entrepreneurial activity, based of information technology administration is an improvement in the management process in order to achieve effectiveness and efficiency. Administration is an activity or an attempt to help, serve, direct, or organize all activities in achieving a goal, while entrepreneurship is the business of a process in doing something new or creative and different (innovative) that is useful in providing more value. Entrepreneurship activities will achieve effectiveness and efficiency by conducting an administration on existing processes in entrepreneurial activities, including the production process, finance and marketing. Administration of entrepreneurship with information technology based as a modification of the use of more sophisticated tools and directing entrepreneurial activities in the business development process, in addition entrepreneurship has also accommodate the needs and desires of contemporary society. entrepreneurship administration based of Information and technology has given better results, but the process is an expensive investment and requires a large capital in infrastructure procurement, so information and technology in entrepreneurship management can be said to be affordable for all people who engage in entrepreneurship activities. Therefore, the need for central and local government support in the utilization of technological information for small and medium enterprise groups.

Keywords: Administration-Information And Technology, Entrepreneurial Management

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