Muh. Kadarisman, Ismiyati Ismiyati, Endah Diana Puspita


The results of a third party's Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) integrity survey, as data showing the level of corruption in a region. Based on the highly valid validity of the 2012 KPK integrity survey, the Depok City Government scored below the standard. However, the Depok City Government also created an internal survey that measures the public satisfaction index for services in Depok. This survey was conducted based on the instructions and methods established by the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucracy Reform for 21 types of regional services and implemented by third parties. The results of the survey indicate that public satisfaction with Depok City Government services has continued to increase over the last 5 years (2005-2011). Therefore, it is necessary to conduct research on the role of administration in preventing corruption in the implementation of sustainable development in Depok City. This research uses descriptive and qualitative design, because it aims to understand deeply and analyze the role of administration in prevention of corruption crime implementation of sustainable development in Depok City. Research results: 1. All sustainable development efforts undertaken by the Depok City Government, both in the economic, social and ecological aspects, have evolved according to the plan set each year, supported by the administrative system standard set by Depok City Government. 2. The three aspects of sustainable development in the Depok City, is in order to achieve the ultimate goal of meeting the needs of today's society, but without having to reduce its ability to meet the needs of future generations. 3. The administrative system of development in Depok City has a very important and dominant role in preventing leakage of the use of development budget, but must be supported by facts and objective data so as to prevent the occurrence of criminal acts of corruption.
Keywords: Development Administration, Prevention of Ccorruption

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