MORPHOLOGY, URBAN DESIGN AND CITY Intervention Strategies in public space

Maria Jose Roibon


Public spaces system includes parks, squares, rides, streets and boulevards, among other components. Small squares or neighborhood squares are a special category because of their scale and the activities that can be carried on in them. They are important for linkage between the different availability of public spaces. In our cities are some vacant land that could be improve for new uses incorporating shape, color, texture, and scale attributes among other resources. These spaces can become icons of an area or neighborhood and contribute to refurbish the image of the city. At MORPHOLOGY II, Subject of Architecture the design of “urban vacant land” is undertaken, which refers to the scale of small squares, in an exercise that will add the concept of system, land and environment. We emphasize the morphologic design, as well as the linkage between public space and its elements, the interior and the exterior, architecture and the city. This paper develops the topic from concept way and through the result of some assignment with students. 

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