Territorial Identity: The Productive Periurban Landscape as Logic to be Projected

Mirta Soijet, Maria Celeste Peralta Flores, Graciela Mantovani


The periurban landscape is thought as a bordering territory between the urban and rural world. It is submitted to pressures when using the soil, where the real or potential inclusion of new lands to the city area transform it into a “battle landscape”. Consequently, it becomes a highly fragile interface. The rescue of territorial identity of horticultural and agricultural areas as sensitive places, as well as the valuation of the new emergent landscape for planning, seem to bring keys to its protection. Modifying the projectual and normative logic is needed. The Latin-American cities are now looking at these challenges from the point of view of urban supplying and consuming food from the surrounding area and local development. It is in relation with the particular cultural and economic interland production. The work develops cases, measuring and analyzing in particular the spaces under transformation and the calling of the territory in the metropolitan enlargement of the city of Santa Fe, Argentina.

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