Urban Project Competition in Resistencia (Argentina) and International Workshop in Jakarta (Indonesia). An Overlook of Achievements and Experience, from Lecturer and Students Involved

Valeria Schneider, aylen quarin, lucio miranda


The Urban and Regional Planning Institute Brian A. Thomson (IPUR-BAT) of Faculty of Architecture in Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (Argentina) have been involved in a Network Project between three Argentinian Universities and Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta (Indonesia). This year, the Institute have been invited to The International Workshop on Urban Planning and Community Development (IWUPCD), held in Jakarta in September 2017. Therefore, The IPUR-BAT organised the Ideas Competition on Urban Project in the Northern part of Greater Resistencia (Argentina) with students of the Subject Urban Development 2, aimed to have two awarded students able to attend to  IWUPCD. The paper emphasizes the importance of applying different approaches to promote training among students. The university students can play important role as futures professionals by contributing to sustainable development and improved current urban images. Present-day, approaches such Urban Competition and Workshops can open new ways of network between academics, planners and official bodies and the opportunities that they creates to have a better understanding of current urban issues. This paper attempts to summarised experiences, performance and achievements of Urban Project Competition and IWUPCD in Jakarta (Indonesia) from lecturer and students perspective, in order to drawn some conclusions.

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