Understanding the Concept of Transit Oriented Development Through Proposed Project of Manggarai, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Ari Widyati Purwantiasning


TOD's concept which stands for Transit Oriented Development is one of an alternative solution to tackle traffic issues within metropolitan cities generally and Jakarta particularly. By adopting the concept of TOD, many buildings with a different function could be integrated to provide an easy, safe and comfort life for users. TOD's concept usually has integrated transportation facilities such as rail station, bus terminal, commuter line terminal with other facilities such as residential and commercial's function. All those facilities will be designed integrated to create better access for the community to get an easy way from one facility to another one. This concept will linkage residential area with office area and commercial area, thus people who live within the residential area could reach their working place easily by walking using the facility of pedestrian way. This paper will discuss about how the concept of TOD will become one of an alternative solution to create a better accessible environment within Jakarta. 

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