Parametric Isovist Analysis to Determine Visibility and Quality of Urban Surveillance in Public Open Space Case Study: Bundaran Hotel Indonesia Jakarta

wafirul aqli


Public open space is a space or area that is vital for the urban citizens, because there is a variety of activities that support various aspects of urban life. Urban dynamics such as space users, form of activities, and others affect several factors such as security factor. Surveillance of the public open space is needed in order to maintain common security within the city. In addition to security, surveillance functions can also be used to control the problem of space limitations such as traffic congestion or inappropriate use of space by the users.

Bundaran Hotel Indonesia is one of public open spaces in Jakarta in the form of roundabouts and intersections, as well as spaces for pedestrian and communal activities that are vital for the citizen of Jakarta. The dynamics that occur are often encountered some problems of traffic congestion, and communal activities such as politic rallies or demonstrations, to the car-free-day event which involve a lot of people. Safety factor surely becomes an issue in this area so that better supervision of the public spaces is needed.

The quality of the surveillance performed both directly by the security officers and/or the facility of CCTV camera are influenced by the level of visibility within the public space. Isovist analysis in this article is done by computerized method to determine the visibility. Isovist is an analysis to know the visibility of space seen from the position of the observer and the form of space that affects the visibility of the observer. The level of visibility is represented by two-dimensional polygons forming the viewing zone, and its shape is influenced by the openness of the space. To facilitate the rapid analysis, parametric methods are also used in this computerized isovist so that the various possible positions of the observer can be simulated with more dynamic, however complex the shape of public space, as well as the area of Bundaran Hotel Indonesia.

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