Physical and Social Aspects of House Transformation (Case Study: Warung Lela)

Finta Lissimia


Cultural process impacted on the change building’s aspects such as physical and social. Physical aspects refer to the building while social aspects refer to human or building’s user. The transformation of both aspect can be massive or small. Nevertheless those two aspects are interrelated. This study aims to address this phenomenon by observing physical aspects and social aspect in Warung Lela. Warung Lela is a building that change its function from private into commercial. House and restaurant coexist in a building which is originally functioned for housing only. Warung Lela manage to maximize its physical capability to accommodate commercial function by maintaining the original theme and utilize site’s potency. Transformation cause private zone become smaller. Building’s expansion to accommodate restaurant preserve the most private space for the inhabitant so inhabitant and restaurant’s visitor can do their own activity without disturbing each other. 

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