Institutionalize a "Bicephalous" Metropolitan Area: Thinking Alternatives

Mirta Soijet


Contemporary metropolitan areas are hubs of complex social, economic and environmental problems that materialize in the territory and require a systematic approach for their understanding, identification and intervention.
Analyzed the context and the object of study in each case, and particularly un Santa Fe-Paraná (Argentine), this work purpose to ask if that territory is susceptible to be built (as to be organized) in the future and which are instruments to do so. This territory must be understood and analyzed with an historical vision, given by actions in the past and considering tendencies glimpsed but showing the concrete and changing reality. Likewise, this future must be built on the territory, which requires prospective and far-reaching visions.

This presentation tries to give rise to guidelines for an intervention that is fundamentally based on the disciplines of the project, but with an approach that overflows it, and tries to incorporate contributions from other disciplinary fields. In short, it can be assumed as a technical contribution to a possible real process (collective, negotiated) to elaborate the format that a Metropolitan Plan will be able to face. 

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