Luqmanul Hakim


An important factor in environment comfort of the city are the noise and clean air quality. This are important because it often encountered and has always been the biggest affected factor and a problem that always arises when a city develops. Of course it becomes very important to be handled, because it deals directly with the urban environment comfort that is especially for the inhabitants of the city. The development of the city is always followed by the development of transportation which also always have a negative effect in the form of air pollution from the results of vehicle exhaust and noise pollution generated by the engine driving the vehicle.

This research aims to explore the function of vegetation as a green channel or Green Belt in urban development in overcoming or minimizing the impact of air pollution and sound pollution.

I           n this research the method used is to conduct experiments in the laboratory to find out how many pollutant particles are successfully absorbed or captured by the surface of the plant leaf with Gravimeter, that is the amount of weight in grams per square centimeter of leaf sample. To measure noise, used sound meter measuring instrument on green belt area with area of 20m X 100m square. Sound samples were taken in the green belt area as much as (9) nine dots with a fixed distance to determine the noise level in the sample area and compared with the sound sample area that did not use green belt.

In the experiments show that plants on the Green belt, which is located around the highway, has excellent ability to absorb pollutant particles in the surrounding air. In the case of the amount of vegetation in absorbing the pollutant particles, the plant character is preferable to plants with broad leaves and leaves with a rough surface. While on the noise measurement results show, dimensions of width and density of plants on the green belt showed significant numbers in lowering noise.


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