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BASKARA: Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship is a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to publishing the results of research and community service concerning business and entrepreneurship and its development. The journal also publishes the thoughts and experiences of business practitioners that are inspiring and innovative.

The theoretical contribution is associated with the fact that the case criticizes existing theories or complements and enriches them. In other words, theoretical perspectives that are practical in nature can be applied and utilized. Articles are original works, quality and have never published in other media.

BASKARA: Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship  invites lecturers, researchers, reviewers, practitioners, industry, and observers as well as S1 / S2 / S3 students, to submit their scientific papers or articles. The incoming paper will be peer-reviewed. After the review process is complete, will be informed to the paper writer through the Open Journal System (OJS). ISSN: 2623-0089 (online)


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