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This publication document the refereed, review and edited paper presented  at International  Conference on Social Work held and organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Political Sciences University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Indonesia, which is explores the potential for social work practitioners, researchers  and educators.

The Proceeding of conference includes a number of good idea, argument, and opinion, which have implications for health and mental health care policy, practice and research. For academia, this publication may be used as source of reference material for teaching, research, citation and references.

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The  conference  highlights, discusses  and analyzes wide range of issues pertaining social work intervention in health and mental health such as; Hospital social work/medical social work, Hospital as Human Service Organization, Promoting environmental  sustainability and health, Social work practice in promotion of organ, Social work practice in the field of mental health, Social work practice in the field of maternity and child health, Social work practice in the field of disability,  Social work practice  in health care system, Social work education, action and impact, Oncology social work, Disaster social work, Geriatric social work and dementia care, Social work in Hospice and Palliative care, Military social work and veteran health, Forensic social work, Addiction social work, Corporate social responsibility in prevention and promotion of health issues, Social work intervention for prevention  and promoting of health and mental health, Social work in public health issues creation of healthy society and the last other themes related ­ Social science  and health care issues.

2020: Social Work, A Catalyst for Change and Social Cohesion in Diverse Society

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